Wickenburg Backountry Discovery Route Fundraiser Report


Here is my link to the Spot Tracking site. http://share.findmespot.com/shared/faces/viewspots.jsp?glId=0Kzr76Nh9pccuXgyj4DyHmxbO53niY49n

I’m going to go backwards on this one!  While riding the Apache Trail I noticed my brakes were howling at me, my plan was to check the rear out when Bret decides to check out the cliff dwellings (Tonto National Monument), he slows much, much quicker than I.  We pull a quick turn around and head up, we strip off our riding gear, grab our cameras, and start hiking (pictures are slowly downloading).  As we are heading up the path I am still filled with wonder how the cactus evolved, such a prickly bit of armor.  The dwellings are a bit smallish in comparison to say the dwellings outside of Colorado Springs, but worth the hike up.  Bret and I soak in the cooler air, visit with the Park Ranger, and head down.  After refilling our water supply we take a close look at my rear brakes-not much to see in the way of usable material, the pads are down to the metal backing.  So, we hatch up a plan, Bret wants to meet up with Christina tonight and I NEED brake pads.  We call the Cycle Gear we had left 4 hours earlier and they just happen to have the pads I need.  That brings me here, at the Best Western in Gold Canyon with a bit of spare time to take a shower, do some laundry in the sink, grab a bite to eat-and share a bit of my adventure.  My plan is to be up at 6am, another shower, breakfast, and head to Mesa to be ready for when the store opens at 10.  I’ll have the tire off, old pads off, and ready for the new organic pads.  For grins and goggles I will also grab a set of fronts, just in case you know.  I should be rolling for Flagstaff by 11 to rendezvous with Bret and Christina.  This is just today folks!!!

Yesterday (22MAR2014) I decided to go on an intermediate level ride-I needed my bike to be in one piece and enough tread left to carry me the 1600ish miles home over the AZ and UTBDRs (Back Country Discovery Routes).  Rob Watts was our trailmaster and he did one of the best led rides I have ever been on.  The Morning ride started kinda sketchy, riders were still getting their groove on and Robs GPS decided to take an extended break, so we ended up on some honest single track, more than most of the riders were bargaining for, but wow, what a great job and fantastic sense of accomplishment after we made it to the originally planned trail.  After lunch Tracy decided she needed to fuel up her bike so she headed off to a town just down the road-station was closed so she headed in the direction of the next town-she ended up with a flat tire on the side of the rad, so she called in the cavalry, I asked her to find a suitable stick so we could prop up the bike when we pulled the rear tire off.  No issues repairing the tire with a new tube (she punctured her tire with one of the spines from a cactus).  Off we went headed back home to the Boyd Ranch issue free, we found some more sand (I HATE sand), so a great days ride.  As the Afternoon went on we started wondering were the other groups were, the other intermediate group showed up with nothing major to report, other than another great ride.  The advanced group on the other hand?  Multiple flats, and one slightly injured rider, skinned up a bit, bum knee, and feeling like he was center stage.  He must be doing OK as this morning he walked, er, limped to breakfast.

More to come when I have a bit more spare time, which may be a week or more away.  All I can say is once I have the pics down loaded and the “Rest of the story” emerges I think you may find your self yearning to do as I have been doing this last week.

‘Till then,



Short trip report

Yesterdays ride can be summed up with one word.  Wind.  Strong head winds started almostimmediately, combined with a driving rain all the way to Vancouver WA did nothing to quell my spirit for this adventure.  Breakfast with Bret and Christina and we were off.  I5 was boring so we headed West and picked up Hiway 101.  A constant head wi d dropped our fuel economy to an average of 32ish.  Darkness caught up with us as approached our camp for the evening.  We stayed amongst the giants in Jedidiah Campgrounds.  Tents up we cooked up a pot of coffee and relaxed a bit, enjoying the bubbling river and started planning our next days ride.  The rain started with a slow drizzle and ended up as a steady downpour.  Became bedtime.  After sleeping in and a good nights rest we had bacon and eggs cooked using a beer can turned into an alcohol stove.  Seeing as we we in the tall trees we packed up wet tents, and got moving.  Todays goal is Yosemite, lofty but if our luck is with us within reach.

Be well and safe travels,



Starting mileage.

Great nights rest.  After the alarm went off I couldnt help but think that it will be 15 nights until I get this kind of luxury.  Mona had coffee brewing-2 more luxury’s I will be without, my understanding wife of almost 33 years and the switch on a coffee pot.  I will miss Mona far more than the switch and I am tslling the world how much I appreciate all she has done for me.

This Mornings luxuries continue-hot shower-instant news (is Russia really wanting a Cold War II?), and my fuzzy slippers.  Both King and Harley are moping as they know I am leaving (I promise pictures once I crack that code).

Weather is typical.  Rain, I am in high hopes it tapers off soon and so so happy I have my Klim gear and Gerbings heated jacket.  Great gear sure makes bad weather just another nuisance.  Spot tracker is on, once I have the computer on I will repost the link.  If you are on Facebook check out my page, I am SOP Dirt-Rider.  Feel free to send a Friend request and follow along there as well.  I will post pics on FB as I know how.

‘Till tonight,



Having a set of Sikiyou panniers from Giant Loop is a change from my norm.  So packing is differant and took me a bit more time getting everything where it needs to be.  My process was simple.  Kitchen, clothes, tent, and sleeping bag.  I also have my computer and associated ‘lectronics as well as my camera.  On my Colorado trip I had 120 pounds of basic gear.  This time I have trimmed things down to 105.  I also saved 15 pounds using the soft bags vs the hard panniers.  Other improvements are a much lighter rack and bash plate (engine guard/skid plate).  So all told I will be close to 50 pounds lighter.  Significant weight loss.

Quick shout out to the PNW Supere Tenere folks.  I had an awesome time today and look forward to seeing each and every one of you as you put your new skills to use.

Off to bed I go.  0330 is just around the corner.

Wish me safe travels,


I gotta start somewhere, right?

So much to do, so little time.  Just a little whine from an retired guy who is busy getting ready for his next adventure.

Building this blog is taking more effort than I thought, combine this with preparations for my upcoming trip to AZ I need to pause and ask myself why I am whining at all?  I have so much to be thankful for and I need to start with my wife Mona, without her and her ever thoughtful support this grand adventure I have been on just would not be a comfortable.

As I begin this next chapter in my life I will attempt to season my travels so others can enjoy it and eventually experience these things themselves.  I will share the who’s and where’s, as well as the “what’s” working for me, and what didn’t.  I’ll share first, the folks who help make the trips easier, as well as their products and services.

My next post will help highlight what I have done this last week in preparations for this trip.  I’ll save the salty language used when I was spooning off and on the new tires (and new tube-gasp).

Till tomorrow,